‘Hollywood, you’re all screwed’: Actor James Franco is furious after HBO cancels his latest comedy, The Man in the High Castle

HBO is pulling the plug on James Franco’s latest comedy The Man In The High Castle after the network announced it would not be making a second season.

The news comes after HBO cancelled the comedy series after three seasons.

“We are extremely disappointed in the decision of HBO to cancel this season of The Man,” Franco wrote in a statement on Twitter.

“HBO has proven to be one of the greatest sources of comedy for our generation and this decision is devastating to me.

I would have loved to continue on this exciting journey as a writer, performer, and creator, but this is the wrong decision for us.

I will continue to be an outspoken critic of injustice and will continue my efforts to expose injustice in Hollywood.”

The Man has been a fan favorite since it premiered in 2017.

“If you’re looking for a show that takes a very real, honest look at the human condition and shows how far we’ve come, it’s probably the one to watch,” co-creator Rob Thomas told The Hollywood Reporter in 2017, adding that it was a “really good show.”

The series stars Franco as a former NYPD cop who became a vigilante and eventually takes on the corrupt NYPD.

It has been praised for its thoughtful take on police culture and how it reflects on the current climate of racial inequality in America.

“The Man in The Highcaste is a show about the dark side of the force, about the way cops operate, about how bad things are when the system breaks down, and about how people have to stand up for their humanity and their humanity is the foundation of everything in this world,” coed and co-star Kate McKinnon told THR in 2017 about the show.

“I think it’s one of those shows that’s so smart, so funny, and so relatable, that I could write my own script.”

Franco also stars in The Big Short and will be starring in the upcoming James Bond film Spectre, which hits theaters on July 4.

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