Canada’s top supplier to be investigated for supplying fentanyl to New Brunswick

ZTE is being investigated by a provincial body after it was found to have supplied fentanyl to a New Brunswick hospital and a drug lab.

In a statement to CBC News, ZTE Canada said it has been cooperating fully with the investigation.

The company said it believes it is in the best interests of its employees and suppliers.

ZTE’s board has asked that the probe be closed.

The province said it is also working with the Federal Government on ways to address the fentanyl crisis in Canada.

It said it was working with Canada Border Services Agency to identify and eliminate the supply of fentanyl.

The federal government said it would not comment on individual cases.

CBC News has been unable to reach ZTE for comment.

ZTECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE Canada, the country’s largest provider of science and technology services, has a long history of supplying technology to federal and provincial governments.

It has supplied technology to governments such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Zte is the largest provider in the country of a range of products including semiconductors, electronic components, solar panels and sensors.

The Canadian Association of Scientific and Industrial Engineers (CASI) says that it has worked with ZTE to provide technical assistance to governments and business partners since 2013.

ZTe said it had been in continuous dialogue with the province of New Brunswick since the allegations were first reported in March.

Ztek says it has also worked with the provincial and federal governments in the past and would continue to do so.

The CASI is asking the federal government to investigate ZTE because it says it is concerned about the safety and effectiveness of the technology.

The government of New York said it does not believe that ZTE products are safe and said that it had requested a detailed audit of ZTE.

New York state police have been working with CASI since February to investigate the allegations.

Ztech Canada says it had no comment at this time.

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