What to know about the controversial $1.9 billion fiber optic system coming to Phoenix?

The deal could bring thousands of jobs to Phoenix, but residents have a major stake in its success.

The city’s population of roughly 3.2 million is nearly the same as the population of the state of Arizona.

And in an area of Arizona with about half the population, Phoenix has the second-highest number of people with health problems and the highest rate of asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The fiber optic line is part of the CityLink project, a $1 billion network of fiber optic transmission lines for urban infrastructure in Phoenix.

The line will connect two new light rail stations in the area, one of which is the Citylink stop in downtown Phoenix.

But for many residents, it’s a project that will bring them no small measure of comfort, comfort they say is needed in a place where they live.

“I think it’s an opportunity for us to be part of something really important,” said David Lacy, a retired electrical engineer who lives downtown.

“I feel like I’m part of this, I feel like we’re a part of an ecosystem here.

Lacy said that even though the new fiber optic service will be cheaper than the existing light rail service, he expects that many residents will not use the service. “

We’re going to be a lot of different kinds of residents, but I think that it will bring a lot more diversity to the city.” 

Lacy said that even though the new fiber optic service will be cheaper than the existing light rail service, he expects that many residents will not use the service. 

“I don’t think the people that I talk to will use the light rail.

I don’t see the people who live downtown, I don, I think they’ll be on the light track.

I’m not sure the people living in the suburbs or on the Westside, they won’t be using the fiber optic,” Lacy said.

“And it’s going to get cheaper, it’ll get better, and it’s the right thing to do.” 

In some ways, Lacy is right.

The Phoenix area is the second most densely populated in the United States, with more than 4 million residents, according the US Census Bureau.

And with the city’s high unemployment rate, the project is expected to bring a steady stream of new residents to the area.

But that’s not the only way that Phoenix has benefited from the project.

Lacy noted that in order to meet the demand, there will be additional infrastructure needs that have been built over the years.

“It’s been a pretty massive infrastructure project that’s been built.

It’s a lot.

But we have a long way to go, so there’s going’t be any immediate rush for this project to go live.

It will be two to three years before the light rails start to go out, but it will go live when the light lines are there,” Lacey said.

 Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has said that he is looking forward to seeing the new service, but has also said that there will not be any layoffs at CityLink, even though there will likely be some closures during construction.

“When you build something like this, you’re not going to have to cut people’s hours, you don’t have to pay people less.

That’s not going happen.

So, there is no impact on the workforce at Citylink,” Stanton said in an interview with the Phoenix New Times. 

But some residents are not convinced that the new lines will have a positive impact on Phoenix’s residents.

“It’s not really going to make the city any better, it will make it worse,” said Paul Wills, a resident who lives in the West Valley.

“People will be able to walk into a place like this and they will walk out like a zombie.”

 Wills said that despite the potential benefits, he doesn’t think that the city will be making enough money from the fiber optics.

“In the long run, it may not make a whole lot of difference, but in the short term it could be very bad for us.

I just don’t want to see any of these things happening in our city.

I want to live here,” Wills said.

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