Corning Optical Fiber Gets ‘Ceramic’ Fiber for Its Optical Glasses

Corning has been selling a ceramic fiber for its optical glasses since 2013, and now it’s making a new fiber that’s more resistant to water and dirt.

The company is using the Ceramic Fiber for the Cerakote Glass, a thin, flexible plastic that’s been used in fiber optic insulation.

It’s a thin-walled, water-resistant, and flexible plastic made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

The ceramic fiber, made by the company Advanced Ceramic, has a unique property: It can soak up water, even from the soil.

The polymer fiber is thicker and thicker than the ceramic fiber itself, making it easier for the water to soak up.

The Cerakotes are one of the few fiber optic glasses made in the US that is made of ceramic, instead of PVC.

The cerakote glass uses a porous coating, which is made up of a polymer of the ceramic material.

“In the past, ceramic has been the only fiber material that can soak water,” the company’s CEO, James L. Corning, told CNBC last month.

“We thought, we have to make cerakotes.

And then we saw the demand for the ceramic glass.”

In a press release announcing the new Cerakodes, Corning said the ceramic-glass cerakotic Glass “is a durable, waterproof, and strong polymer that has proven itself as an ideal material for many applications.

It also holds up well to humidity, weather, and even heavy rain.”

The Ceracode Glass is available for sale in the United States through the Corning Store and in Europe via its website.

It has a thickness of 0.3mm, which makes it thinner than PVC, which has a 0.45mm thickness.

Coring says the Ceracodes are “perfect for all glass and ceramic applications.”

The company said the Ceraxes are “water-resistant” up to 1.8 meters and “extremely water-repellent.”

“For ceracode, we focused on the unique properties of the polymer and how we can use it in a range of applications,” Corning wrote in the press release.

“The ceramic-silicon coating gives the ceramic a strong bond and provides a resistance to water.

We’ve also added ceramic-sulfur compound, which gives it a more durable coating, as well as a water repellent properties.

Cerakotec is also a strong material, making Cerakotic one of Corning’s top selling fibers.”

The ceramic Cerakode Glass also has a higher resistance to dust than the standard cerakoted glass, according to the company.

“Cerakote is the most durable, long-lasting, and water-resistance fiber available,” the release said.

“This new ceramic glass is stronger than the original Cerakod and is designed to last up to five years.”

Corning will be selling the Cerayote Glass for $59.95 a piece.

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