When it rains, fiber optic pomanders are the answer to your everyday problem

SAN FRANCISCO — Fiber optic poms are the next big thing, thanks to a new patent that could one day make them more widely available.

The new invention, which could be a boon for homeowners and businesses, has been described as “the next big innovation in consumer electronics.”

It involves a fiber optic cable that carries light, heat and other data across a copper conductor.

It could make fiber optic devices cheaper to manufacture and less prone to damage from weather.

The patent, filed on Monday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, describes a system that allows users to use a wireless router to receive and transmit wireless data.

The router, in turn, uses the data to communicate with the home’s Internet service provider or another wireless device, and the system can connect to another wireless router or to another device.

“The router can receive the wireless data and convert it to data for transmission to other devices, such as a computer, mobile phone or other device,” the patent said.

Futuristic applications for the new technology have been in the works for years, but were first shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in February.

The technology could also be used to make things like computer keyboards and other devices that use wireless connections.

A fiber optic fiber optic cables can carry a signal to a wireless device that has to be able to receive it, which in turn uses the signal to transmit data to another transmitter, which then transmits the data back to the receiver, according to the patent.

The wireless router can then connect to other wireless devices using the data.

That makes fiber optic products ideal for home and business customers who need a cheap way to send data between devices, said Joseph Stauber, a research analyst with Forrester Research.

But it also poses problems for some users, such a homeowner who might need to have a router with a built-in antenna to receive wireless data from a wireless network.

The patent said the solution could be to use another router to connect to the wireless network, rather than having to buy one with an antenna, and then to connect it to a different wireless router that would receive the data and connect to a third wireless router.

The patent also describes ways to make fiber optics more attractive to consumers.

One solution is to make them look more like copper-based televisions, said David Sacks, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein & Arnett.

Another potential problem could be that users might want to connect their homes to the Internet when not in use, he said.

The Internet connection would then be automatically turned off, and a user could use a wired connection to use the Internet. More:

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