How to Avoid Fungal Infections from Fiber Optic Wands

By now, you’ve probably seen the story about a woman who was infected with a fungus after she used a fiber optic wand to help with intubations at her doctor’s office.

The case garnered national attention, and prompted some to ask if it’s safe to use fiber optic wards, particularly when you’re not sure whether you’re actually going to get an infection.

Fiber optics are often used to treat wounds, and if they do become infected, the treatment is usually quick and painless.

However, the fungus could be lurking in the fiber optics and you could get a nasty bacterial infection that can cause infections in the lungs, kidney or brain.

If that’s the case, it’s important to treat the wound with antibiotics or anti-fungal agents before going into surgery, especially if you’re a woman.

Here are some tips for avoiding a fiber optics infection, whether you’ve ever been infected or not.

Keep in mind that fiber optics are not 100 percent safe, and there’s no way to tell if it’ll kill you.

They’re made of copper, which has a tendency to rust over time.

There’s no guarantee that a fiber is safe for you to use, but you should always keep that in mind when using a fiber.

There are some things to keep in mind about fiber optics, such as that they’re more porous than glass.

Fiber does not always stay put, so if you try to use them while they’re hot or under a lot of pressure, they could crack or break.

If you do have a fiber that’s broken, it might not be completely sealed.

That means you could have water seeping in and causing an infection, and you might have to use a different fiber.

Another thing to keep your eyes on is the fiber’s diameter.

If the fiber is too short, the infection might not reach the bone or the brain.

Another problem is that if you use a fiber without a protective coating, it can cause damage to the delicate cells lining the fiber.

It could also cause damage when you apply pressure on it or try to get it in the way of the stitches.

The Fiber Optics Fungus Fact Sheet has more information about fiber optic infections.

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