Google Fiber to Offer Free Fiber Service to Public in New York

New York State is expected to roll out its own version of Google Fiber in a trial starting this fall.

The state Department of Financial Services is the final authority in the nation to decide whether to deploy the service, which is aimed at making internet access easier for those without a cable or satellite connection.

New York is one of only a handful of states with a legal obligation to roll-out Google Fiber.

However, the state is only one of several states in the country to have not yet committed to a trial, and the trial is not expected to take place for a while.

The service has been tested in a handful or locations in several areas of the state, and has been widely available for some time, but the public rollout is not scheduled to begin until after the state’s November election.

Google Fiber’s trial was originally slated to run for two years, but a $1.6 billion federal stimulus package was set to kick in later this year that will enable the service to begin in New Yorkers’ homes.

Google is the only broadband provider in the US with a municipal fiber optic network, and it operates a fleet of 1,400 miles of high-speed internet cable to provide access to its network in New Jersey and New York City.

The company also operates the Google Fiber network in California, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington, DC.

New Yorkers can opt out of Google’s municipal fiber network by going to the New York city-owned Google Fiber website and changing their city’s opt-in preferences.

The trial will also allow the state to test Google Fiber on a smaller scale, allowing it to see whether its network can handle the influx of requests.

“This trial is a critical step toward providing an open, transparent, and affordable service for New Yorkers, who are increasingly unable to afford the cost of broadband and other Internet services,” said New York state comptroller John Liu in a statement announcing the trial.

“We believe this trial will serve as a great demonstration of how we can use the internet as a platform for innovation and economic growth.”

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