The World’s Most Accurate Optics

An Australian company is claiming the world’s most accurate optical sights are on the market.

Photo: Supplied Focal Group has produced the OpticsX optical scope and it’s called Optics Plus.

Its the first scope to have a single, all-encompassing optics system, allowing the optics to be individually calibrated for each optic, and the scope is available to buy today.

“It’s really simple to set up and to set the reticle on it, and it doesn’t require you to use a separate reticle,” Mr Wilson said.

“You just take your optics and attach them to the reticles of your camera.”

Focal has created a single-lens, single-eye, single eye design that is designed to allow the optics of a telescope to be calibrated for use on any camera.

It also allows you to view the image in a different format.

“What you can see is the image, and what you can’t see is what you don’t see,” Mr Hamilton said.

OpticsPlus is not the first to offer a single lens design, but it is the first one to be marketed exclusively by Focal.

“Our goal was to bring the most accurate optics for any telescope you could buy,” Mr Ting said.

The optics range from a 20mm-equivalent telescope to a 30mm-compact scope with a 50mm focal length.

The telescope itself is made by Focal and includes the scope, the base and a metal mount.

The mount comes in a choice of three sizes, but the company recommends the most expensive model, which is $5,000.

OpticPlus will also sell a range of accessories including a battery charger and a case.

The company has also created a special Focal Optics+ range of eyepieces for its telescopes, with the cheapest priced offering a 10mm-range scope with 100mm focal distance.

“We wanted to make sure that the optics we’re putting out there were going to be the best possible for the most demanding users,” Mr Bell said.

For Mr Wilson, the optics are an extension of his love of astronomy and he wants to share his passion with the world.

“My primary passion is astronomy and astronomy has always been a passion for me,” Mr Michael said.

He said he has found it rewarding to help make telescopes more accessible for people who don’t have access to them.

“For anyone who is just getting into astronomy, I think the optics offer a lot of value, and if you have a telescope, they’re a great tool,” Mr Jordan said.

Photo : Supplied “I have a very strong passion for astronomy and I really enjoy looking through the telescopes and observing the stars, and I wanted to share that with the rest of the world.”

The company is also keen to be clear about the optics’ price point.

“If you’re not into optics, I don’t think you should get it,” Mr Fett said.

Mr Wilson is confident the optics will appeal to all.

“I’m very confident in the optics.

I’m confident that people will be able to afford them,” he said.

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