When the Taliban captured Kabul, Pakistan, it had no idea that it would become the center of a massive surveillance program

Posted April 18, 2021 02:11:33Today, Afghanistan is at the center.

The country was invaded and toppled by the Taliban in 2001, which led to the capture of the country by the United States and its allies.

Today, Pakistan is at war with India and Afghanistan, as the two countries have fought two wars in the past decade, each of which has cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

Today Pakistan is the largest country in the region, and Afghanistan is the second largest, with Afghanistan accounting for half of the world’s population.

Afghanistan is the home of the Taliban, the most feared terrorist group in the world.

It was created in the 1980s as an offshoot of al Qaeda, a group dedicated to toppling Western-backed governments in the Middle East.

The Taliban’s primary goals have always been to overthrow the government of Afghanistan and impose a strict version of Shariah law.

They have targeted women and minorities, and many of their attacks have targeted churches, mosques and schools.

The government of Pakistan, on the other hand, is a stable country and has tried to be a partner for Afghanistan, allowing Afghan refugees and other refugees to settle in its country.

It has also supported efforts by Afghans to establish an independent nation, while also working with Afghanistan to improve the security of its border region with Pakistan.

Since the end of the Soviet Union, Pakistan has supported Afghan refugees, which are now estimated to number in the millions.

Afghans, in particular, have benefited from the peace process, with the recent signing of a historic peace treaty with the Taliban.

But Pakistan has been slow to accept Afghan refugees into its own country.

The war in Afghanistan has been the biggest challenge for the new Afghan government, and its main focus has been to provide security for its own citizens.

The Afghan government has tried its best to deal with the problems and threats faced by Afghan refugees in the country, including providing them with safe havens, providing medical care and providing protection to refugees.

Africa has been one of the countries hardest hit by the war in the Arab world.

The conflict in Afghanistan is one of Africa’s deadliest conflicts.

Since 2001, more than 3,000 people have been killed in Afghanistan and neighboring countries.

Africans have been among the most affected by the conflict.

The majority of those killed were civilians.

In 2011, over 3,600 African refugees, mostly women and children, were killed in the conflict in Africa.

The Afghan government was also heavily involved in helping refugees in Africa who had fled the war, such as providing shelter, education and jobs to the refugees.

The U.S. has been supporting the Afghan government in the fight against the Taliban by providing humanitarian assistance to the country.

The U.K. has also sent aid, but there have been concerns that the aid is not being used in the right way.

The United States has also been critical of the Afghan security forces and the Afghan parliament.

Afraid that the U.N. Security Council could not act on Afghanistan’s security, the Afghan prime minister called on the U,N.

and the European Union to work together on an emergency resolution to end the conflict, which is a possibility that could take place before the end-of-year end date.

AfGANIAN MEMBERS OF THE UNITED NATIONSHIGHLIGHTSAfghan leader Ghani greets Afghan Ambassador to the United Nations Abdullah Abdullah.

Ghani was born in Kabul and studied law at the University of Kabul.

He is a member of the United Nation Security Council and the former Afghan prime Minister.

Ghani is the son of a former Prime Minister Abdullah.

He was the most decorated Afghan war hero, serving as Afghanistan’s ambassador to the U.,N.

He is the first Afghan to be elected to the post of U. N. Secretary General.

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