Why the world needs fiber optic isolators

The U.S. is already deploying fiber optic isolation devices for a variety of applications, including air quality control and air quality monitoring.

Now, the government wants to build an entirely new technology to isolate the air in buildings, too.

The new technology could be in the works by 2019, according to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. 

“This new technology, called the fiber optic isolateator, could be installed in 2019 in several countries including Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea and Spain, according an industry source,” Bloomberg New and Environment News reported.

The technology, which is being developed by the European Union and the United Kingdom, uses a thin, flexible film of a polymer called cellulose nanotube to trap air molecules in a thin layer of material.

It is able to trap up to 10 percent of the particles in a building. 

The technology could also be used in air quality testing and control, which would allow for tighter restrictions of air pollution and help reduce the harmful effects of pollution from coal burning.

The fiber optic isolatedator has been developed in the past by British scientist and technology entrepreneur David Davis, who founded the company Flexicurity and is now CEO of Flexible Structures. 

While Davis said the technology was not yet ready for commercial deployment, he did state that he thought it could be useful in a number of ways.

“In a small number of applications we could use this technology to build fiber optic filters for the homes and offices of people living in high-rise buildings, to monitor and control indoor air quality, to isolate a building’s air,” Davis told Bloomberg New.

“This technology could even be used for testing a building to ensure it’s free of toxic chemicals.”

“It could also help protect buildings from dust and debris from the air,” he continued.

“Fiber optic isolation could even help keep pollutants from escaping into the environment by separating the particles and particles of the air from each other.” 

As Bloomberg New pointed out, this technology has been used in other applications before.

In 2010, a device that was used in the U.K.’s Great Drought Monitor system was installed to monitor the quality of the water in a small area.

The system was also used to keep the country’s air clean during the Great Storm of 2008.

The British government announced that it would be installing the technology into the countrys homes and businesses starting in 2020. 

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