Fiber optic faceplate for the home

Fibre optic faceplates for the new home will be coming soon.

News24 has learnt that the company is making the first commercially available fiber optic face plate, which will be sold as a ‘home mount’ or standalone unit.

The new faceplate is made up of two modules: a main module that connects the house to the network, and a small module that can be used for connecting the home to the internet.

While the main module is an Ethernet socket, the small module is a fiber optic cable, which connects to a fibre optic link.

It is not yet known when or where the fiber optic module will be made available for purchase.

The faceplate comes in two versions.

One will be the standalone, which can be mounted to the wall and will be fitted with a standard hard plastic mounting kit, while the other will be an ‘adaptor’ that will allow the faceplate to be mounted onto a standard ceiling fan.

News24’s Tom Williams reports that the modules are being manufactured by one of the world’s largest fabricators of fiber optic panels, and will likely be available in the third quarter of this year. 

The modular module is expected to cost around $100, and the adaptor module will cost about $50.

The modules will be available for sale by the end of the year.

News18’s John O’Connor reports that this is the first time that fiber optic cables have been sold in the US.

The company is a part of the Fibre Optic Alliance, and is making its first fiber optic modules in the USA. 

‘This is a big deal for our industry and for the future of home building,’ said Brian Shor, chairman of FibreOptic.

‘This is the next step in building a network that delivers the full range of services for our customers, from indoor plumbing and thermostats to high-speed internet and security.’

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