‘Breathtaking’ performance from Canadian-made ‘fiber optics’ cord-free video camera

“We’ve got a couple of hundred cameras coming online, and we’re all about bringing it to the world,” said Jason Mott, the chief technology officer of Canada’s Cintiq group, which has been selling fiber optics since the 1980s.

“We’re bringing the world the next generation of connectivity.”

But Mott acknowledged the optics’ high cost — $2,000 to $2.5,000 per lens — could make them hard to sell.

“But you’re going to be surprised how quickly people start buying them,” he said.

“People are going to buy them because they want them.

They want a device that works and doesn’t break the bank.”

So what are the advantages?

Fiber optics can produce images at high resolution, enabling images to be seen far more clearly than with traditional film cameras.

And they can record video for longer periods, enabling viewers to watch a movie in high definition.

But they’re also much more difficult to install, and Mott said they’re only available in certain types of buildings and environments.

The optics can also be used in the production of high-quality cameras for home surveillance.

They’re also cheaper to produce, so they can be used for commercial applications, such as for cameras in home security systems.

For example, a fiber optic camera could be used to track down a thief.

“If we’re looking at a $1,000,000 camera, it’s not going to sell for $1.25 million,” said Michael Shipp, a senior vice president with Cisco Systems Inc. “There are more things that need to be added to it than a $2 million camera.”

For instance, the optics need to have a high enough resolution to capture all the light bouncing off objects.

The lens can also need to withstand the effects of the sun’s rays on its lens, causing a significant degradation in quality.

The technology has already caught the eye of Apple, which plans to use it in a smart home hub that it has developed for developers.

But Mampt said he expects to see the technology used in other products in the coming years.

“It will take us a few years to make it commercially viable,” he told CBC News.

“I’m really optimistic.”

Mott also said the optics have a lot of potential for the future.

“In 10 years, when I’m talking to a couple different companies that are trying to make fiber optics, I can tell you this: It’s a very interesting technology,” he noted.

“You can actually take it to a new level of quality.”

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