Obama administration’s $2 billion pigtail broadband optic may be a new ‘Fiber Optics Poinsettias’ story

POLITICO HILLARY CLINTON: I think it’s a great thing for America to have a fiber optic broadband network.

But we’re not going to get it without us taking our neighbors’ broadband.

I think the fact that you’re going to see that there’s a lot of folks, particularly rural folks, that are going to want to see it, that you know, that they’re going be able to connect to it and have that option is great.

I also think it is really important that we have the right infrastructure in place, because you know what?

If we can’t build it, we can at least take care of our rural neighbors.

JOHNSON: But I think you can get a lot done with a pigtail optic broadband optic.

It’s a nice little thing.

It allows you to have internet access in your house, if you want to, but it doesn’t have any kind of tethering capability.

It doesn’t allow you to go online in a way that a cable modem does.

It has no capacity for video or audio, so you’re not getting much.

You’re not seeing much of the benefit from having that fiber optic connection.

The question is, how much does it cost?

How many miles are they going to cost to connect, and how long are they really going to be?

HILLERY CLINTON — HILLINTON: It is a very important question.

I will tell you, I think there are a lot more people than you may realize who are going on their own.

I have been out of this country for over 20 years and I don’t think anybody really understands how much it takes to build an entire village.

And I think that there are many folks that are looking to get a little bit of money and do something.

So, we have a great opportunity.

We have to get the infrastructure built.

I hope we can do it, and we have to build it and do it and make sure that it’s done right, and then we can make sure it’s ready to roll in 20 years from now.

And the fact is, it will cost a lot to do that.

It is going to take a lot.

But I do think that it is very important to get that fiber and connect it to your house so that you can go online and you can do what you want, because we’re going for a world where people have access to that kind of high-speed Internet and can go on and do what they want.

JOE CARNEY: Joe Biden: Thank you, Secretary Clinton.

We appreciate the opportunity.

But the fact of the matter is, if we don’t have a high-quality broadband network in our country, we will never be able, and you know that right?

It will never happen.

I am committed to building a national, broadband network that works for every American.

We will connect every American to the same quality of service, because the Internet is the Internet.

It will connect you to the best content.

It won’t be like your local telephone service or your local cable television service.

And it won’t cost you anything.

But you will be able access the internet from the comfort of your home, and it will be there, and so you can connect with friends, you can share files, you will get the best and fastest speeds, and in some cases you will even be able get paid for the speed.

But that doesn’t happen without a high quality broadband network, and I’m committed to ensuring that it happens.

I’m also committed to making sure that there is the right level of competition in this business, so that when it comes to broadband, you’re competing against the best in the world.

And that will not happen without good broadband.

JONATHAN DUBIN: I’ll follow up on the debate on tomorrow, so go ahead, Joe.

[APPLAUSE] JOE BIDEN: Thank y’all.


And then we’ll take it from here.

We’ll talk about the internet, and whether you should invest in broadband, and what the benefits of broadband look like.

[AUDIENCE APPLAUSION] I want to talk about some things I’m really excited about.

There are lots of great things about our network.

I just want to make sure you guys understand, we are going out of business tomorrow, which is a really big deal.

And you guys are going home to your families and your neighbors.

And we are also going to have the biggest investment in broadband in the history of the Federal Communications Commission.

And, the first thing we’re doing, if anybody is wondering, is going out to our communities.

The FCC, I have got to tell you what, we’re very proud of what we have accomplished.

And when we look

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