How to keep your broadband provider happy

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is investigating claims that some fibre optic broadband providers are using misleading advertising tactics to attract customers.

The ACCC is looking into claims that Optus and Telstra, which both have fibre optic networks, were misleading consumers about the quality of their broadband networks and advertising claims about the cost of their services.

Some of these complaints were raised in an ACCC inquiry into misleading advertising and deceptive practices by Optus in February and Telestorm in July.

“The ACCCs investigation found that some ISPs have misled consumers about their fibre optic infrastructure, with Optus being the most common company to do so, and Teleriot failing to disclose that it was using misleading representations about its broadband infrastructure,” the ACCC said in a statement.

Advertising and misleading claims about fiber optic network quality and price The ACCC has been investigating claims by Optum and Telco that their fibre optics are as reliable as those in the NBN.

However, the ACCCs probe has found that many broadband providers have not been upfront about their fiber optic networks.

Optus and Telecos also misled consumers when they said they had high-speed broadband speeds.

Telstra said that it had been using an ad claiming it had an internet connection speed of 300 Mbps, but that it actually had speeds of around 50 Mbps, and that Telstra could not see any speed difference.

Both Optus (and Telstra) have since removed the misleading claims.

ACCC is also investigating claims from Telstra that it offered “free” broadband speeds, when in fact it charged $70 a month.

TELESTRO TALKED ABOUT FIBER OVAL NETWORKS IN AN ARTICLE The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission is looking at claims by Telstra and Optus that their broadband infrastructure is as reliable and fast as those built into the NBN, but Telestrom said it could not detect any speed differences.

But the ACCCt has found a number of broadband providers using misleading marketing techniques to attract new customers.

Optus, for example, said its fibre optic network is “as reliable and reliable as any other NBN network” but that Teleritron was “using misleading representations to entice customers to switch”.

ACCA has also been investigating complaints from Optus about the “fibre optic network” advertisements on its website.

Fibre Optic Networks (FON) advertises the quality and speed of its fibre network as “faster than the NBN network”.

However, it has been revealed that the NBN’s fibre optic cables are “only 10 metres long, rather than the 30 metres advertised”.

TRAVEL SAFETY OF AN ACTUAL FIBRE OVAL CONTAINER FACT SHEET This fact sheet provides information about the travel safety of an actual fibre optic cable.

It provides information on the safety of the fibre optic components in an actual cable, including the cable’s connection to the telephone wire, and provides information for the safety, installation, maintenance, and repair of an internal and external cable.

The information is based on the information available to Telstra from its customers, and has been verified by Telstar.

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