How does the Internet connect people?

How does a 4K cable connect you to the internet?

Or a fiber optic cable?

Or even a cellphone or cellphone signal?

How does your phone connect to the world?

The FCC, which oversees internet service providers, is planning a new round of tests to answer that question, and in a blog post, the agency said it hopes to begin rolling out the testing this summer.

The agency is launching the new tests as part of its efforts to evaluate the viability of a future internet that will use “a robust and efficient public-private partnership,” the agency wrote.

The FCC says it hopes the testing will allow for the “integration of all the tools and services needed to make a fully public-focused, competitive, and efficient network.”

The FCC also said it will continue to make public reports on the tests and provide the public with updates on the progress of the work.

“While this test will not provide a clear answer as to whether or not the public broadband network will be ready by 2020, it will give the FCC the chance to assess whether the next generation of broadband will provide the quality of service that the public expects,” the FCC wrote.

“It will also provide the FCC with a roadmap to plan for the future and to provide more concrete answers to key questions.”

For example, the FCC says the test will measure broadband performance in terms of bandwidth, latency, data transmission rates, and speed.

It will also test various types of fiber optic cables and wireless technologies, including 4G.

The test will include an analysis of how fast data is transferred and delivered, and it will determine how the network performs in a variety of scenarios.

The testing will take place in a facility in Washington, D.C. and include testing with a variety, “modest” devices, the commission said.

FCC officials said the tests will help the agency determine whether the public network can deliver a high-quality service.

“The tests will also help us understand what is being delivered, how the public service network is performing, and what challenges and challenges we need to address to bring the system to a state of high performance,” the commission wrote.

A key goal of the tests is to measure the reliability of the network, and the agency says it plans to conduct a total of five tests.

These tests will be conducted between August and November, and will involve testing of a total number of devices that include routers, cell phones, smart meters, and even wireless hotspots.

The tests will take a total duration of three months, the Federal Communications Commission said.

The first test will involve the testing of about 1,200 devices.

The second test will look at the reliability and performance of 5,000 devices.

Three more tests will measure the performance of a further 2,500 devices.

In total, the testing could result in about 10,000 tests over the next three months.

The third test will take the next few months to conduct.

The results will then be shared with the public, with the FCC providing a timeline for each test.

The next round of testing will begin in mid-December.

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