What you need to know about the ‘fiber optics’ miracle

You’ve seen it before, but you may have never seen it in person.

It’s called a fiber optic microscope.

It is essentially a tiny microscope with a tiny beam of light that can analyze microscopic things.

It can reveal the structure of an organic compound, or even reveal the composition of an ingredient in a dish of food.

You might be asking yourself, What can I see with it?

The answer is almost anything.

The problem is, the size of the beam varies depending on what you are looking at.

But, when it comes to looking at fiber optics, the beam can be as small as 1/8th of an inch.

This is a very small beam.

That’s why most fiber optics are made from a small piece of glass, which is called a diffraction grating.

This allows the beam to penetrate through materials like glass.

That is, if you take a thin piece of fiber, like a piece of paper, and wrap it around a very thin glass plate, then you have a tiny window into a very large area.

This window is a tiny part of the whole picture.

When you see a microscope, it is usually a very, very small part of what is being looked at.

For example, a microscope will show a large section of an organ, or tissue, but will be missing the very bottom of that organ.

In this case, you will see only the organ.

If you have one or two cells, and you know they are growing in the tissue, you can make a pretty good guess at how much of the tissue is involved.

That may give you a good idea of how many cells are involved.

This small window of the organ is called the diffusion coefficient.

The more cells you see, the more accurate the information you can get.

When it comes time to make the microscope, the microscope is made up of a glass plate that has a piece or two of glass on top of it.

A piece of the glass is pulled back out, and a light source is shone into the glass plate.

The light then reflects off the glass and creates a beam of photons.

This beam is then used to make a small diffraction pattern, or a pattern of light, that can be used to determine how much the sample of tissue is related to the surrounding cells.

It will be useful when you need a piece that is small enough to be easily cut, and it has a large diffraction angle to be focused into a tiny spot in the body.

The process of making the diffraction patterns is called diffusion.

The diffraction angles are determined by how many different colors of light are in the sample, and how much light is reflected off of the sample.

A diffraction beam, for example, is composed of an infinite number of individual colors of blue light.

A light source, which you can see in the picture above, is used to shine a blue beam into the sample and create a pattern that can tell you how many of the different colors are in that sample.

It looks like this.

If the blue light hits the tissue sample, the blue beam will be focused on a specific spot.

If this spot is too close to the tissue’s surface, it will be reflected off and not be able to be used.

The exact location of the blue spot depends on the diffractive strength of the light source.

If light is too strong, it doesn’t penetrate as far.

If too weak, it won’t be focused as deep into the tissue.

So, when the diffracted light hits a tissue sample and is focused, the light will absorb more of the surrounding tissue.

It may look like a small dot, but that is actually the amount of light reflected off the tissue by the light.

The image above is an example of what a diffracted beam looks like.

You can see that the blue-absorbing tissue sample is about half of an ounce, which indicates that the sample is very large.

The wavelength of light is about 30 nanometers.

The amount of time that it takes for the light to travel from the light sources to the sample in the specimen is called wavelength.

This wavelength is determined by the diffracting force.

The intensity of the difflected light is the amount that you would need to put out to move a sample one inch.

So the diffractions of light from the sample are the amount you need, or how much you need.

If it is too light for the sample to absorb, then it won,t be absorbed, and the light cannot be focused enough into the specimen.

If a light is absorbed by the tissue and reflected off, it does not leave a beam, and therefore does not have the intensity that the light needs to reach the tissue to do anything.

If there is a small amount of absorption, then the light can be focused to a small spot on the tissue surface.

This image is an illustration of a

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